The Best Flowering Shrubs for Yards In The Northeast

The Best Flowering Shrubs for Yards In The Northeast

Consider adding some of these top-selling flowering shrubs for northeast landscapes.

Hydrangeas  ​

Hydrangeas in your landscape deliver color to your garden from autumn to summer. Also, you can even dry the flowers and use them in crafts and flower arrangements. Hydrangeas are easy to grow if you plant them in well-drained, moist soil, providing them with partial shade. If you plant them in areas in which they get complete sunshine, the flowers might become scorched.
Hydrangeas are fantastic flowering shrubs for borders around your flower beds. There are all sorts of cultivars that do well in the Buffalo and northeast areas. Therefore, you can pick varieties of different blossoms, different colors, and different sizes.

Azaleas ​

Graceful azaleas offer a tropical look to your outdoor space. The flowers are beautiful and prolific. Azaleas come in various colors, from white to flaming orange to subtle pink to yellow. The Northeast is home to a few varieties of azaleas, but there are several more types that thrive here even though they aren’t natives.

Azaleas thrive well when they’re planted in nutrient-rich, acidic soil. It’s also critical to mulch your azaleas to shield them from the cold winter and prevent root rot. If possible, plant them where they’ll be protected from the harsh winds.


Rhododendrons ​

Like azaleas, rhododendrons are attractive and showy. When it comes to flowering shrubs, rhododendrons are top of the line. However, they are somewhat finicky, so it’s crucial to take special care with their preparation and site selection.

​Rhododendrons thrive best in sheltered sites that get little wind and spotted sun in the summertime. They shouldn’t be put under a building’s eaves since the soil will most likely be too dry.


Most assortments of spirea thrive in mid-summer to late spring. They are the simplest flowering shrubs to plant, coming in any size, shape, or color.

Spirea flowers come in yellow, red, pink, and white. The shrubs themselves can vary from 2 to 12 feet wide and tall. Therefore, pay attention to the specifics of the one you pick. Pick spirea for lots of colors and low maintenance. Contact a tree care specialist if you want suggestions.


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