Eastern Hemlock

Local Trees: The Eastern Hemlock Tree

The eastern hemlock tree is native to the northeastern part of the U.S. Eventually, it thrusts its way up through the broad leaves that border it until it gets to the fall sun.

​Eastern hemlock tree description

The eastern hemlock is an elegant evergreen conifer with drooping, horizontal limbs. The needles are short and soft, and the bark is brown. Some tree care experts rate it as highly as the eastern white pine for a landscape.

​How to grow eastern hemlock tree

Hemlocks like moist, rich, well-drained soils. They do horribly in dry areas. Among the few trees that will grow in complete shade, they will have a dense, attractive appearance in light shade to total sun. They can be trimmed to any size, from tall screens to low hedges.​To sustain the tree’s natural beauty, do not trim by shearing. Instead, every year, trim branches that are too long. The plant is quite susceptible to tree insects that have made this tree useless.

How to grow eastern hemlock tree


Unlike numerous big trees, Canadian hemlocks endure lots of shade. Their sunlight requirements offer you plenty of flexibility. You can grow them as shade plants to full-sun plants.


These trees need soil that is moist, but that has excellent drainage. They like acidic, loamy soil. Shallow-rooted, these plants need protection from the wind, or else you may come home after a storm to see your tree lying in your yard.


Hemlock trees necessitate a good amount of water. It can endure less favorable conditions if enough supplemental water is provided in the dry periods of summer, as long as the soil is drained excellently. Eastern Hemlock trees can’t take long droughts or standing wet soil. ​The best technique of watering is weakly “slow watering.” Begin the process by spraying down the leaves and trunk. This will aid in washing away pollution and bugs. Next, put the garden hose at the bottom of the tree and let it run for 10 to 25 minutes, distribute the water evenly.

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