Brush Cutting Services Near Me

If you’re searching for brush cutting services near me, look no further than Buffalo Tree.  We handle both commercial and residential jobs and will quickly clear your site of brush and debris.  

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Buffalo Land & Brush Clearing Services

The Best Brush Cutting Services Near Me in WNY

Buffalo Tree Service provides superior brush cutting near me and land clearing solutions, no matter what size of the job you need to be done. We have performed brush clearing projects ranging from land development for homes and businesses to road and highway construction.

Our professionals use equipment designed to help clear land without significantly impacting the environment. We can also create mulch from the brush so you can use it on the soil as mulch to provide further nutrients.

Brush clearing is not always an easy task and requires physical, manual labor that can be quite intensive at times. Sometimes you need more than just brush removed; appliances and other junk that has sat on the land for extended lengths of time.

best brush cutting service near me

Land Clearing for Construction

It’s not an easy feat when clearing land or a lot for construction projects but you can rely on our tree local care company to get the job done. Clearing for construction purposes usually involves the use of heavy, large equipment.

We have everything needed to clear the area in a timely, efficient manner. In addition, because we believe safety is most important, our team is always equipped with safety gear while performing brush clearing services.

Junk and Debris Removal

Many times when land and brush clearing is needed, there is also the need for junk and debris removal that is hidden in and under the brush, like old appliances or debris left behind after a remodel.  We always dispose of the junk and debris properly either in recycle, compost or hazardous waste disposal.

Professional Brush Cutting Services Near Me

We have been in this field and in this area long enough to have developed a positive reputation around the WNY area. Many of our clients and contractors have deemed us as proficient, punctual, professional, fast and affordable.

If you’re ready to find out just how superior our land and brush clearing services are, give us a call at 716-803-8115 to get started. You can also get more information by filling out our short online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!