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best trees for wind

The Best Trees For A Windy Landscape

Like the temperature, wind can be a significant factor in the health and lifespan of trees. If you live in a region where winds are powerful, you’ll have to be picky about the trees you plant. There is a vast assortment of wind-resistant trees available. There are trees for windy climates regardless of your typical weather. Keep reading to learn more information about windy trees that tolerates wind. Windy Trees: Trees Unaffected by the Wind  If your landscape is open and bare to high winds, you might have plenty of trouble with tree damage after adverse weather. You might be anxious about

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at what temperature should you cover plants

At What Temperature Should You Cover Plants?

When wintertime comes, it’s not only humans who must take cover. Many plants might need covering to make sure that they endure the cold temperatures. However, not all plants require covering. Deciding what temperature to cover plants is entirely up to you. With plants, you have numerous choices, restricted only by the plant’s size. Using plastic, without any different protection type, is not on that list and might harm than good. Arborists suggest a multi-facet approach to safeguard plants in a freeze. What Temperature to Cover Plants: Mulch and Water Because damp soil can hold warmth better than dry soil, be sure

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How To Improve Bad Soil Around A Tree

How To Improve Bad Soil Around A Tree

When trees aren’t flourishing in a landscape, tree experts and homeowners typically focus on the maintenance the tree is getting. Also, an examination of any disease or pest problems is necessary. One overlooked area is the crucial role the soil has in a tree’s health. Please keep reading to learn about the effects of bad soil around a tree and advise on improving it. Your Tree Has Bad Soil  A tree’s roots intake nutrients and water that let the tree grow and make energy. The majority of a tree’s roots are in the topsoil, around a depth of about 30 cm (12

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