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Visitors to East Amherst, NY often come to play the Robert Trent Jones Championship Course at Glen Oak Golf Course. While they’re in our hamlet, they often compliment East Amherst’s lovely tree-filled neighborhoods. Trees require consistent care to look their best, and we are proud to be the best East Amherst Tree Care Company.

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Complete East Amherst Tree Care Services

The arborists and other trained tree specialists at Buffalo Tree Service offer you a complete range of tree care services. Our full menu of service options ensures that we can affordably and efficiently tackle all of your tree projects. We handle any type of tree-related job from a simple tree trimming to a complicated risk assessment and abatement strategy. Buffalo Tree Services specialists perform:

East Amherst Storm Tree Removal

East Amherst is no stranger to severe weather and the multitude of trees that shade our neighborhoods sometimes struggle to survive nature’s fury. We love trees, and we do everything possible to keep them thriving and standing tall. However, it is occasionally impossible to save a storm-damaged tree. We’ll assess the storm damage for you and then recommend a course of action along with an estimated cost. Although it can be heartbreaking to lose a well-loved tree, you can be confident that we are experts at storm tree removal and we’ll have the tree removed from your property in a timely and efficient manner.
East Amherst Tree Service

The Best Emergency Tree Removal in East Amherst

Do you need a tree removed as soon as possible due to a dangerous situation or a code violation? We work hard to minimize stress during this time so that you can concentrate on moving forward. Our customer service department is available to speak with you 24 hours a day every day. We’ll dispatch a professional crew to your location as quickly as possible to provide you with a complete estimate and perform the requested emergency tree removal.

Buffalo Tree Service is fully licensed and insured, and we’re proud of our highly trained and experienced staff of arborists and tree specialists. CONTACT our customer service specialists today to set up an appointment with one of our tree specialists