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The history of Lockport, NY is tied to the Erie Canal. Lockport grew up alongside the canal, and there are several locks in the immediate area. There are a significant number of historic buildings in Lockport as a result of the wealth that the came from its location on the Erie Canal. Visitors enjoy exploring the history of the area as well as the Lockport Cave and Underground Boat Ride. Buffalo Tree Service provides tree trimming services to make sure that Lockport looks as charming as it did during the roaring heyday of trade along the famed Erie Canal.

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Stop. Don’t even think about reaching for your yard tools to trim your trees. It takes much more skill to accurately cut a tree than it does to tend to a rush bush or other part of your yard. You risk the health of your trees, your safety, and even your life if you try and trim a tree without the necessary skill and experience.

Fortunately, affordable tree care experts are only a quick phone call away at Buffalo Tree Services. Our tree crews are made up of trained technicians who know how to trim trees. We’ll give you a full estimate of the cost to cut your trees before we start so that you’ll understand what we’re planning to do with your trees along with how much money the tree trimming services will cost.

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We’re super proud of our reputation for honesty and expert tree care in Lockport. Since we’re a local business, we rely on our good name to gain new customers. Our tree care services are in demand because we promise:

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Lockport has a rich history and residents are proud of its historical heritage. A variety of trees, some older than anyone in Lockport, stand witness to the vitality of the area. Contact the professionals at Buffalo Tree Service for all of your tree care solutions.