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Stumps are not only ugly but can also be dangerous. If you’re searching for a stump grinder near me, call Buffalo Tree Service today.

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Stumps are ugly and kill the plants and shrubbery around them. However, removing a stump can be very difficult and time-consuming because of the roots being embedded far into the ground. Buffalo Tree Service provides professional tree stump grinding and removal services which include:

At Buffalo Tree Service, we complete root collar grinding up to 8 inches below the ground to benefit the health of the grass.  The root collar is completely ground up to where the roots begin to branch off.

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Before beginning the grinding process hazardous areas should be identified. A few or these potential hazards include:

The above can all be obstacles in removing stumps. Cost-wise, stump grinding is the best option and causes minimal property damage. Our Buffalo tree care company has lightweight and modern equipment to do the job as effectively as possible.

A job such as this requires skilled tree care professionals because the risk of injury is high. We are fully licensed and insured and guarantee the job will be done right the first time.

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Our local tree care company specializes in stump grinding and stump removal in the WNY area.

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