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Buffalo Tree Service specialized in stump removal in Buffalo NY. If you have above-ground stumps or roots affecting your yard’s natural beauty, call us today.

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Let Our Buffalo Tree Care Company Safely and Effectively Remove the Stumps from Your Property

Buffalo Tree Service provides stump and tree removal for properties all across WNY. If you have above-ground stumps or roots that are less than appealing and affecting your yard’s natural beauty, call us and have our professional team come out!

stump removal near me

Stump Removal and Grinding Service

We offer a variety of options for our stump grinding and removal services, including…

Full Clean Up Service

Partial Clean Up Service

No Clean Up Service

Root Removal Service

This option consists of full clean up when performing stump removal services. When we have completed removing the stump, we can either haul the grindings away or make mulch for you to use in the yard.

We also fill the spot where the stump was removed from with dirt and level it out to resemble the rest of your yard. Once we’ve finished, upon first glance you will never know that a stump was there to begin with.

This option includes partial clean up for stump removal services. We will place the grindings from the stump into the hole where the stump was, packing it down slightly into the hole.

You won’t have to worry about grass growing for quite some time, however it will likely be unlevel to the rest of your yard. Eventually it will level out to where it isn’t noticeable as the grindings settle down into the hole. This is a great option if you aren’t worried about your yard’s appearance following the stump removal process.

This option does not include clean up afterwards, we simply remove the stump for you. The debris will remain as well as the hole and the property owner will be responsible for cleaning up.

We can also help you with managing roots if they’re starting to cause damage to your property; driveways, plumbing, sidewalks, foundations, etc. Moisture is necessary and sought out by tree roots and most commonly they find the plumbing system underground and try to gain moisture from it.

Unfortunately, this often results in damaged or broken pipes after some time. While we aim to provide ‘green’ solutions for your property, if requested we can apply a chemical to the roots left after the stump removal process to kill them off and protect from further damage caused by the roots.

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