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When it comes to tree removal Buffalo NY, we are the best. When it has to be done, and it has to be done right, call Buffalo Tree Service today.

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Removing a tree is a serious and potentially dangerous task that only trained professionals should handle. Buffalo Tree Service has highly skilled expert technicians that can safely remove trees from your property for you.

There are various factors to consider when evaluating a tree for removal purposes. But, we assure you that we work safely and our costs are competitive.

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Reasons For Tree Removal Services


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Qualified, Trained Staff

Our local tree care company only hires the best of the best and trains and insures our staff. So, our tree experts can operate special equipment designed to help with tree removal without causing harm to any people or the property. It does matter if the tree hovers above your home, another structure, or a power line. Either way, we can help.

Safety Is Our First Priority

We use special tools and equipment to ensure the work site is safe and the process of removing the tree goes accordingly. We use ropes to secure any loose or large branches while lowering them down to the ground. Sometimes cranes are required to lower large pieces of a tree down safely.

Tree Removal Using A Crane

Some people do not understand the need for a crane when it comes to tree removal. There are actually benefits to handling the task this way:


Using a crane is cost-effective because it takes less time to remove the tree, saving the customer a lot more money.

Less Damage

Removing a tree incorrectly, can damage property or the yard. With a crane, we are able to lift the tree up and out, instead of down. This helps avoid damaging your beautiful yard.

Less Clean up

Using a crane helps to remove a tree in fewer pieces (often times one full piece). This means less debris on the ground, making it easier to clean up after the tree is removed.

Much Safer

Using a crane is actually a lot safer than some techniques for removing trees.

Fallen Tree Removal

Should a tree fall onto a building, using a crane to remove the tree is the best method.

Best Tree Removal in Buffalo NY

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