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Once trees are mature, they require more pruning and trimming. If trimmed incorrectly, there can be permanent damage to the tree’s appearance and structure.

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Importance of Proper Pruning and Trimming Trees

Prevents trees from decaying when broken and dead branches are removed regularly.

Allows for more light to penetrate through the surrounding trees and on the lawn.

Can significantly reduce the overall size of an overgrown tree.

Is more appealing when properly cared for.

Allows young trees to be trained to grow correctly and obtain a healthy structure.

Keeps shrubs looking their best.

When to Prune Your Trees

There is a particular time of year to prune trees. Typically, either in the winter or right at the start of spring. We do not recommend you wait until spring, but rather do it before or right at the season’s start.

Waiting until after the coldest part of winter is best. Pruning in the fall is not recommended because decayed fungi spores spread quickly, restricting growth in trees.

Impacts of Improper Pruning and Trimming

Improper pruning and trimming can cause unfavorable impacts on your trees, such as:       

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Trees that are properly cared for and maintained will provide long-term visual appeal and value to your home.

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