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If you’ve trimmed your trees and have piles of branches and debris, call our wood chipper service today.  Our professionals are affordable and work quickly.  

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Wood Chipping Service in Buffalo

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The end result of ridding your yard of trees and trimming them is usually piles of branches and debris. This is a fire hazard and also lowers the quality of your yard’s appearance.

Brush chipping is great for removing debris if you would prefer doing the job yourself and it is safer than burning and saves more money than hauling.

However, the professionals at Buffalo Tree Service can get the job done right quickly and safely. Our wood chipping services are flexible, affordable, and done as quickly and effectively as possible.

wood chipper service
tree chipper service

Wood Chipper Service in Buffalo NY

Our wood chipper chips up to 8 inches in diameter to produce 1 inch wood chips. The brush cannot contain materials that could damage the chipper, such as metal.

Once at your property, our tree care service technicians will do one of the following…

The Benefits of Mulching

Mulch can be one of the best health benefits for your trees because it is ideal for:

DIY Wood Chipping Tips

Some tips for doing the job yourself to save money and maximize chipping are:

You should face the cut end of the branch towards the chipper.

All cut ends should face the same direction (facing the chipper where they will be fed in).

Small piles (not over 4ft high and 8ft wide) are better for easy management.

The longer the branch the better (the chipper will cut up to an 8 inch diameter at any length).

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We are dedicated to providing our customers with quick and efficient wood chipping services for the WNY area.