The Top Parks in Elmwood Village, Buffalo

The Top Parks in Elmwood Village, Buffalo

Located just north of downtown, Elmwood Village is one of Buffalo’s most vibrant and eclectic neighborhoods. Packed with boutiques, restaurants, bars, and art galleries, it exudes a creative, free-spirited energy. The Elmwood Strip along Elmwood Avenue is the bustling heart of the neighborhood, but the area is also blessed with several excellent parks that provide green spaces for recreation and relaxation amidst the urban fabric. Here are the top parks to visit in Elmwood Village.

Delaware Park

While its borders stretch beyond Elmwood Village, the verdant meadows and picturesque lakes of Delaware Park certainly grace the western side of the neighborhood. At 376 acres, Delaware Park is one of the largest and most renowned green spaces designed by famous landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted. Winding pathways make for fantastic bike rides and peaceful strolls past landscapes that include the stunning Japanese Gardens, a golf course, basketball and tennis courts, and playgrounds. During the summer, Shakespeare in Delaware Park draws theater lovers for outdoor productions of The Bard’s renowned works. The park provides recreation and serene natural beauty right in the heart of the city.

Bidwell Parkway

Another portion of Olmsted’s brilliant green necklace surrounding Buffalo, Bidwell Parkway forms the southeastern edge of Elmwood Village. A grassy median divides the parkway, lined with stately homes and lush trees. It connects Elmwood Avenue to scenic Soldiers Circle, where imposing monuments and statues pay homage to Buffalo’s military members. Bench-lined footpaths along the parkway make for delightful walks or jogs amidst one of Buffalo’s most affluent and historic neighborhoods.

Days Park

While much smaller at just 20 acres, Days Park is a neighborhood gem at the heart of Elmwood Village. The park features playgrounds, a basketball court, softball diamonds, and picnic shelters that make it popular with families. During summer evenings, it comes alive with concerts and food trucks as part of the Elmwood Bidwell Farmers Market. With its open green spaces and mature trees, Days Park makes for a lovely spot to spread out a blanket and relax. It’s also a prime location for a game of catch or frisbee.

Symphony Circle

An artistic pocket park with a monument honoring Buffalo’s celebrated composers and musicians, Symphony Circle sits on the northern side of the Elmwood Strip. Benches circle the statue as part of a beautifully landscaped plaza, surrounded by several art galleries and stately Victorians. It’s a perfect little pitstop for resting your feet during shopping and gallery hopping along Elmwood Avenue. Free outdoor concerts are held here during the warm months.

Hoyt Lake

A tranquil lake surrounded by walking paths and dotted with duck houses, Hoyt Lake rests on the northeastern edge of Elmwood Village. Join joggers and dog walkers making their way around the scenic lake, where you may spot swans, turtles, and other wildlife. Or rent a boat for a relaxing paddle surrounded by swaying willow trees and serene natural environs. Hoyt Lake has a small park attached with a children’s playground. It makes for an easily accessible natural escape within city limits.

Whether you’re seeking a tranquil retreat, a recreational space, an artistic oasis, or lush landscapes for a stroll or picnic, the parks of Elmwood Village fit the bill. Blending seamlessly with the neighborhood’s lively commercial strip and residential areas, the parks are a big part of what makes this Buffalo enclave so vibrant and livable. Embrace the abundant green spaces when you visit and discover why Elmwood Village is considered among the city’s crown urban jewels. Learn more about The Best Experiences in Eggertsville NY

Questions & Answers

Delaware Park and Bidwell Parkway were both designed by famous landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted as part of his visionary park system for Buffalo.

Yes, Days Park hosts summer concerts and food trucks as part of the Elmwood Bidwell Farmers Market. Symphony Circle also has free outdoor concerts during warm months.

Hoyt Lake on the northeastern edge of the neighborhood features a scenic lake surrounded by walking paths and dotted with duck houses where you can rent boats.

Days Park has playgrounds, basketball courts, softball diamonds, and picnic shelters that make it very family-friendly.

Absolutely. Delaware Park has miles of winding pathways perfect for running, walking, or biking. The Bidwell Parkway and paths around Hoyt Lake are also great for these activities.